2022 Spring Auction

Behind Comfort Inn
Richfield, Utah

Saturday, February 22 at 10:00am


Auction Lovers,


Great News!  Randy Christensen has opened his property behind the Richfield Comfort Inn to serve as this year’s Spring Auction yard.


The location is perfect. It exposes all the sale inventory to 60,000 new eyes every day, so prospective buyers see fresh additions, literally every day. No wonder this Spring Machinery Auction has become the largest of its kind in Central Utah. The date for the 2022 Sale is Saturday, February 26th beginning at 10:00 a.m.


Major pieces are already on-site: A sweet 2011 Case RC220 Skid Steer Loader with a new bucket is ready for inspection together with a Wilderness Travel trailer, a New Holland 420 Baler and several pieces of machining equipment including a large Lemke Metal Lathe.


The yard is for use, by you the producer. You may now bring your good Used equipment to where it can be seen by a larger pool of prospective buyers than ever before.  There is another very practical reason for bringing machinery early. By category, the earlier it arrives on-site, the earlier it will sell in the Auction order.


If you have machinery on your back fence row that is not being currently used, that has reached the end of its depreciation schedule, or has weeds growing up through its components, it is time turn it into cash.  We do that all in a single day, on February 26th. The magic of this yearly sale is that while you are selling your equipment, your friends and neighbors will have brought their own equipment which you need to upgrade your inventory. Everybody wins!


Equipment yet to be on the yard, but already consigned includes a Hummer H3, and two DC Solar 10-panel remote solar-power trailers that will literally make your world shine. Watch for them on the yard soon. Meanwhile, you can take a daily virtual tour of new sale offerings at www.diamondwauction.com. And, on Facebook!


We say it every year, but it is because it’s so true. Consignment couldn’t be easier. Just call us at 435-201-1705, or, catch us in the ethosphere at diamondwauctions@yahoo.com. We’ll add your good machines to the streaming slide show.

Where it all began.

Diamond W Auctioneers started on the 12th day of October, 1967. The FFA at Delta High School was crowning a Queen for their activities. They asked me to call the Cake Auction. For 24 minutes I found myself to be the center of the world – with a microphone in my hand! From that specific day, I have viewed myself as a “Microphone Man.”